Master in Luxury Management, Innovation and Branding

Master in Luxury Management, Innovation and Branding


“As pointed out by The Boston Consulting Group Insights, luxury is a $1.3 trillion industry – the size of Australia’s GDP, the world’s 13th largest economy – so the welfare of such a large influence in the global marketplace is key.”

La Masterclass di alta formazione è destinata a professionisti del settore della ristorazione tradizionale di qualità.

From ancient western and eastern empires to modern societies, luxury goods, objects and services have been an inspirational and affluent force in shaping art, culture, society and economics. Despite the global economic crisis, sales of luxury goods are surging worldwide. More than a symbol, luxury goods indicate success, advantage, privilege, taste and dreams. The luxury market relies on managers and stewards who can understand and grow this unique sector. Our Master in Luxury Management, Innovation and Branding was designed especially for students aspiring to careers in the luxury management sector of today’s dynamic, global marketplace. The focus of this Master is in understanding the dynamics and the peculiarities of the luxury management, paying special attention to the future. Luxury is a culture: you have to understand it to be able to practice it with flair and spontaneity and to build a career in the very competitive international luxury industry, which remains a brilliant growth sector in the current economic environment.

The analysis of the luxury concept, the study of the brands’ value in the luxury industry, the building up of the unique customer experience and the mechanisms linked to the a successful communication and external relations strategy will be studied through lessons, case studies and group work sessions. In addition to the rigorous academic program, “experiential” activities bring a “real world” perspective to both semesters. Our staff and faculty consist of experts with real-life experience in the fields of Luxury Management, Branding, Recruitment, Innovation and Strategic Management. This program will definitely prepare you to face the challenges of the Luxury Market in the 21st Century.


Details of the Program

The Program awards 60 ECTS within a full academic year. It features company visits of the major brands and luxury goods’ producers in Italy, guest lecturers, scientific research and field-trips, as well as Leadershp training. The program is run in English. The faculty consists of international professionals, based in the city of Rome or close to it. Due to the professional obligations of our teaching faculty, some classes will be held at night, from 6 – 9pm.


Modules and Core Courses

  1. The Concept Of Luxury
  2. Specific Characteristics Of The Luxury Industry
  3. Brand Value In The Luxury Business
  4. Product And Pricing In Luxury
  5. Retail Strategy And Management
  6. How To Deal With Communication And External Relations Activities In Luxury
  7. The Future In Luxury: Where Are We Going?
  8. Business Administration
  9. Final Thesis Project