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Edu – Tourism, Exchange Programs & Internships – Phoenix Asia Academy of Technology

Edu – Tourism, Exchange Programs & Internships

-> Edu-Tourism
A university is a centre of infinite knowledge. In order to popularize the university, the Edu-tourism packages were created so that students are able to experience research and the education system. Edu-tourism is basically, travelling for the purpose of formal or informal education and lifelong learning in unique natural, historical and multi-cultural environments. With the launch of Malaysia 101 Edu-tourism Packages, the Ministry is committed to promoting culture, customs and tourist destinations, in turn fostering a love of science amongst the local and international community.

Phoenix Asia Study tour is a course that emphasizes the incorporation of curriculum resources in the form of topics based on students’ experience, social reality and social needs and problems, in order to effectively cultivate and develop students’ problem-solving ability, inquiry spirit and comprehensive practical ability. Apart from enjoying the tour, the student will get the precise exposure in living or study environment besides adapting the new culture. The Edu-Tourism works as an ice breaker to know Penang as a whole while enjoying the places, food & how mobility the student can be throughout their studies.

-> Exchange Programs & Internships
Phoenix Asia currently plays an important role in the recruitment of students at the University of Science Malaysia (USM), academic assistant services and student services specialists. Phoenix Asia also represented other top 10 Malaysian Institutions across Malaysia to enter the Chinese market. The goal is to make Malaysia a one-stop learning center for the Chinese market and to train Chinese students to have a better exploration and learning experience in Malaysia and the ASEAN region.

Exchange Programs & Internships are one of the way to generate interest of students, teachers, or candidates to be part of Phoenix Asia family. Phoenix Asia has the best itinerates to offer, interesting educational programs with absorbing activities to make it lively as possible while learning, breath-taking sightseeing, mouth-watering local/hawker food and so much more based on our propose/ requested necessities. In the future, university placement programs and training as well as educational cooperation will be provided in China, Malaysia and Japan.

With its network in business and social avenues. Phoenix Asia also offers internship placements to prospective trainees who require aid in seeking for such opportunities.