PTE Pearson English Proficiency Test

PTE: Pearson Test of English – Malaysia


The Pearson Test of English (PTE) helps non native English speakers in matching with institutions where language of instruction is English. The Pearson Vue together with Edexcel has developed standardized tests to measure English proficiency. Whether you want to study or work in an English setting communication holds the key role in your success.


Academic Institutions based in English geographies are keen to recruit candidates whose performance in English communication is above satisfactory. Industry bodies while hiring candidates whose second language is English want to know if they are hiring the right candidates. So you do not left behind and institutions and businesses should not be short of talent the Preason Test of English (PTE) helps matching candidates with institutions and industry needs.


The PTE is internationally recognized qualification. You can take PTE in more than 50 countries. In general, anyone can take the PTE. If PTE is not available in your country you can travel to nearest location and take the test. Its very easy to appear for the PTE, only 5 simple steps are involved

  • Schedule a PTE Test Date
  • Register
  • Pay Fees
  • Take the Test
  • Receive Score

Since PTE Academic is available 365 days, you can schedule your test for any suitable test date. Unlike other standardized tests  you don’t need to wait for PTE results too long. Pearson Vue analyze and publish your score card within 5 business days.


Taking PTE is economical too. As you can send your PTE Score to as many institutions as you wish there is no extra cost involved for sending score report.


PTE measures a test takers ability in English communication in following areas: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The test does not focus on how much you memorize from previous years of studies or how many words you remember from dictionary. Indeed the PTE emphasizes on communication skills and measures how well you would be able to communicate in English institutions and businesses.