MVU Certified Metaverse Engineer (MCME) Program – Certified Advance

MVU Certified Metaverse Engineer (MCME) Program - Certified Advance

The Metaverse is a shared virtual world where people can interact with each other and digital objects and avatars. It offers a wealth of economic opportunities, from virtual concerts to NFT-based products. Major tech companies are exploring the Metaverse due to its potential for revolutionizing the digital world. The virtual reality universe is an exciting place for tech enthusiasts and individuals who want to develop their skills in this growing ecosystem.


The certification aims to give you a deeper understanding of the Metaverse and give you a glimpse of the emerging future of the web and how we will interact with it. If you complete this certification successfully, you will be able to understand the Metaverse more effectively, giving you a significant advantage in the new and emerging digital world.

Level 3: Metaverse Technologies

This course offers a comprehensive overview and hands-on experience with virtual, mixed, and extended reality technologies. Students will learn about the history and current state of VR, MR, and XR, as well as their applications in areas such as entertainment, education, and commerce. The course will also provide students with the opportunity to create content for these technologies using various tools and software. Topics that may be covered include designing and developing VR/MR/XR environments, creating interactive experiences, understanding user experience design, and examining the ethical and social implications of the Metaverse.


Course Procedure:
 16 hours (4hours / week)

  • Metaverse as a product of Extended Reality
  • What is Augmented Reality (AR)
  • What is Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Benefits of AR/VR/XR
  • Difference between AR/ VR/XR
  • What is Mixed Reality (MR)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Introduction in Metaverse
  • Financial and Economics of Metaverse
  • Benefits of Metaverse


What will you achieve?

  • In-depth understanding of VR, MR, and XR technologies and their applications
  • Hands-on experience in developing content for VR, MR, and XR platforms
  • Exposure to industry-standard tools and software
  • Knowledge of user experience design and ethical considerations in the development of the Metaverse
  • Opportunities to network with industry professionals and potential employers
  • Competitive advantage in the job market
  • Access to cutting-edge technologies and resources
  • Preparation for careers in fields such as game development, virtual event planning, and product design.

LEVEL 4: Metaverse Blockchain Assets

The MVU Certified Metaverse Engineer (MCME) Program certification is a professional credential for individuals who have expertise in blockchain technology and its various use cases. This enterprise blockchain certification verifies the skills of professionals who aim to lead the implementation and management of blockchain projects.


The primary goal of the MCME certification is to ensure that professionals possess not only a basic understanding of blockchain technology but also the ability to apply it in real-life scenarios. 101 Blockchains emphasizes a practical approach in empowering learners with hands-on experience from blockchain experts. The MCME certification course will assist you in determining the appropriate tools and platforms necessary for specific blockchain-based projects.


Course Procedure:
16 Hours (4hours / week)

  • Blockchain Technology Fundamentals
  • Enterprise Blockchain Platforms
  • Blockchain in Trade Finance
  • Blockchain Applications & Use Cases


What will you achieve?

  • Understand the core concepts of blockchain technology and its
  • Learn how to approach the blockchain implementation.
  • Focus on your transformation with up-to-date actionable tools.

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