Rebirth Scholarship

The coming year 2022 will be the most exciting year for post SPM students planning to take up a foundation programme in Phoenix Asia Academy Of Technology’s (Phoenix Asia) brand new Rebirth Campus scheduled to be opened soon!

Phoenix Asia has been in the education market for the past 5 years. It started off as a company recruiting international students to local public universities such as USM, UPM, UM and UKM. It has since expanded into higher tertiary education by offering the International Foundation Programme to post SPM students in Penang.

One of the core values of Phoenix Asia is that it believes one should have the access to higher education regardless of one’s financial background. One’s access should not be limited by one’s results. Noting this, Phoenix Asia has come up with a one of a kind scholarship aimed at every student who intend to further their studies locally or abroad.

This scholarship is aptly named as the “Rebirth Scholarship”, is open to all students who want to have access to a Foundation Programme regardless of their results. As such, Phoenix Asia HAS NOT imposed ANY academic restrictions for the students to apply. The tagline that said “No A is not a problem. The A we want is in your Attitude” means just that.

No “As” are required! Students just need to sit for an interview to qualify. The value of each scholarship is up to 100% waiver of the course fees. This scholarship is open to all SPM, IGCSE and UEC students who pass the minimum requirement set by MQA in order to be eligible to apply for the above scholarship.

On top of that, upon completion of the programme, successful candidates are also offered a career opportunity within the company while pursuing their degree.