Diploma In Business Management
KPT/JPT(R2/345/4/0664)08/24 MQA(A10321)

Diploma in Business Management @Ri-Yaz College

The Diploma in Business Management is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals who wish to have a successful career in the business and corporate world.

【Advantages of a Diploma in Business Management】
A diploma in business management can prepare you for many different roles in the field.

1) Opens up many opportunities

Having a diploma in business management gives you the chance to work almost anywhere. You can choose to work for a company or start your own business and work for yourself.

2) Unlocks promotions

With business management training, you will be eligible for promotions. The skills you developed will help you stand out to employers. This can help you land that dream promotion.


Another great benefit that comes with having a diploma in business management is the skill set you gain. You will be able to make financial decisions and analyst all types of data with ease.

Upon completed this Course, You Will :

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business terminology, concepts, principles, and theories
  • Apply skills and knowledge learned in the subject to hypothetical and real business situations
  • Analyst and evaluate business decisions using a variety of sources
  • Develop and apply strategies to improve business performance
  • Exhibit positive ethical values, attitude and thinking in addressing business organization and entrepreneur needs.



Semester 1 Problem Solving / Bahasa Kebangsaan A
English I
Introduction to Information Technology
Basic Communication I
Semester 2 Pengajian Malaysia 1
Basic Management
Basic Marketing
Introduction to Human Resource Management
Basic Mathematics I
Semester 3 Introduction to Business
English II
Personal Development
Basic Mathematics II
Basic Communication II
Semester 4 Introduction to E – Commerce
Perlembagaan dan Masyarakat
 English III
Basic Economics
Introduction to Customer Service



Semester 1 Business English I
Principles of Accounting
Information Technology & Applications
Writing Skills / Bahasa Kebangsaan
Principles of Management
Semester 2 Principles of Marketing
Human Resource Management
Human Rights
Pengajian Malaysia 2
Introduction to Leadership and Team Management
Semester 3 Business English II
Introduction to Business
Business Entrepreneurship
Personal Development
Semester 4 Introduction to E – Commerce
Perlembagaan dan Masyarakat
 English III
Basic Economics
Introduction to Customer Service
Semester 5 Principles of Macroeconomics
Introduction to Statistics
Organization Behavior
International Business
Operation Management
Semester 6 Introduction to Strategic Management
Management Information System
International Marketing
Semester 7 Cost and Management Accounting
Employee Relations
Introduction to Business Analytics
Quality Management


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