Master of Business Administration (MBA)
(R2/345/7/0668) 03/25 (A11391) Cyberjaya

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  • Renowned teaching faculties: 100% Ph.D. holders with vast industry experience i.e. TM, IBM, Accenture, Bursa Saham/SEC.
  • Our MBA students are recognised by ICMA (Institute of Certified Management Accountants)(Australia) with automatic membership.
  • Research-intensive programme that focuses on creating high analytical ability amongst students via coursework and final year research project – A hands-on intensive programme.
  • Excellent facilities with full-fledged PG online digital resources (EBSCO, Scopus Database, Emerald, past-years exam questions, etc.).
  • Strong industry networking that includes expert speakers from the industry and regular industry visits for extensive case analysis and projects.
  • Merging academia with practical expertise via the CTPR Master class (CONVERGED TELECOMMUNICATION POLICY AND REGULATIONS) in collaboration with MCMC and international partners, GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications) (UK).

What are Micro-Credentials?

Micro-credentials are mini-qualifications that demonstrate skills, knowledge, and/or experience in a given subject area or capability. In short, Micro-Credentials allows all adults to remain employable, adaptable, and productive.

Complete 8 courses in 8 months!

In the MMU MBA, you can complete 8 core subjects using the Micro Credentials pathway. Students can complete 1 subject per month by attending weekend courses and submit course work for each subject. Once you have successfully completed all the micro-credentials and passed the assessments, you will be able to credit transfer up to 8 courses.

Once done, you need to complete another 2 core courses, 2 specialisation courses and a final project to graduate with an MBA degree.



  • Marketing Management
  • Change Management
  • Accounting For Managers
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management
  • Cyberlaw
  • Business Data Analytics
  • Human Resource Management



  • Research Methods And Data Analysis
  • Organisational Behaviour


*Choose any 2 (T&C Apply)

  • General Management
  • Managerial Analytics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Multimedia Finance
  • Multimedia Marketing


Learning outcome via Micro-Credentials:

Advantages of micro-credentials for student or working adults include;

Accessibility: Training is 100% online. This means you can earn an accredited, professional credentials without attending a physical school. For those who are already working and have limited time and resources, this is a great opportunity.

Duration: Most programmes in traditional universities take years to complete. However, those who want to expand their skillset or boost their CV may not have such time. This is because each micro-credential can be done in a few weeks.

High-status: Micro-Credentials is delivered in academic institutions or blue-chip tech firms. Trainings are based on latest thinking and research whether it is completed online practice or tutor-marked assignments.

Specialisation: Micro-credentials are aimed at closing identified skills gap in specific industries. So, the trainings focus on specialised areas that will benefit the learners in their chosen profession. Regardless of your career, micro-credentials are designed to give you the skills you need to excel.

Global Recognition: Another good thing about micro-credentials is that it has global recognition.


How can Micro-Credential boost your career?

  • Companies like Google and IBM are using Micro-Credentials to boost certain skillset of an employee
  • Specialised skill development
  • Future proof
  • Digital badges to add to resume
  • Immediate job prospects

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