International English Proficiency Programme (IEPP)

The International English Proficiency Programme is an English language course that is focused on helping not only develop their proficiency levels, but also teach them how to tackle some of the most popular university entry exams in Malaysia.


Proficiency Test

In view of the need to constantly monitor students’ progress, our IEPP also holds weekly tests to assess their language development over time. This can not only serve as a motivator for students, but may also encourage a bit of friendly competition among classmates.

The assessments from the second to the third week of the month – Formative Assessments

Formative Assessments consist of bite-sized, easy-to-follow questions with the goal of establishing whether one’s learning objectives for the week have been attained.

The assessment conducted on the final week of the month – Summative Assessments

Summative Assessments are modelled after the targeted examination with the purpose of familiarizing students with the actual examination and assessing whether students are ready for the actual test.



  • Students must be at least 17 years old to be eligible to sit for most academic English proficiency examinations.
  • Students will also be required to sit for a placement test if no prior recognized English test results are provided.


Structured of International English Proficiency Programme (IEPP)

When new students join the programme, we conduct a placement test for each student to gauge their current proficiency levels. These tests usually take anywhere between 1 ½ hours to 2 ½ hours. From there, the students may be separated into the Basic English class or the IEP (Intensive English Programme) class. Student in the Basic English class will be promoted to the IEPP class once they have reached a certain grade bracket in their formative assessments. Only students in the IEP class are recommended to sit for their examinations once they are deemed ready.

There are two class sessions from Mondays to Fridays. The first session is in the morning from 10am to 12pm, the second in the afternoon, from 1pm to 3pm. To provide better service and ensure that students maximize their time, homework supervision is held after classes in the late afternoon from 4pm to 5pm.

How will you be evaluated?

Our team of experienced teachers would track the student’s progress throughout the course from the formative and summative assessments. They will be assessed according to the rules of the targeted examination and teachers would advise students on whether they are ready to take the test or not.


Duration of Study:

The minimum duration we provide for the programme is 12-15 weeks, however, students are welcome to extend for another 3 months thereafter if they feel that they require more lessons.


Intakes Period:

First week of every month